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Mum's scathing open letter to dad. - birminghammail.co.uk (Image: PA) Here's the full letter, which was posted on Single Mum Still Standing and first picked up by the Hull Daily Mail: 'An open letter to the father who won’t pay child maintenance. Any.

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Bride and Prejudice's Rob and Simon tie the knot, but did. Bride and Prejudice's Rob and Simon tie the knot, but did Rob's mum go to the ceremony? Viewers also aren't impressed with Jack and Jamie.

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Who is Joey Essex and what’s his net worth? Former TOWIE. Joey has opened up about the loss of his mum in the past (Image: Child Bereavement UK/Youtube). Joey’s mum Tina died when he was just 10 years old. He and sister Frankie were told it was an.

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